We had a small team then some new members joined our team.

The problem with a big team was, there may be chances of over-communication. We planned to re-structure the team and give specific roles depending on responsibilities performed by individuals. Deciding position titles was a tricky part. Each member actively involved from planning phases to the release of products. Only Developer or something like Manager wasn’t giving the full picture of responsibilities. We planned to divide the team into three roles. One role names as Manager, responsible for managing work and another part names as DevOps Engineer, responsible for development to the release.

Finally we decide to below team structure,

DevOps Engineer

Mainly responsible for development and release. This role divided into different levels according to responsibilities.

Product Manager

Mainly responsible for product design, functions, scope. Product manager priorities the product functions, design implementation, or overall improvement according to customer requirements.

Project Manager

Responsible for managing team tasks and allocation of time also requesting some paid services or products to the company as per requirement. Mainly responsible to manage team, in every way.

Finally, some got DevOps Engineer role title and some got Manager that time. We had some knowledge to perform our role but as you know, the learning curve is always happening.

Basically, we want to share our knowledge with you, which may be helpful for you to perform a role more efficient way if DevOps or Manager are new roles for you.

We will start our journey with the introduction of the DevOps.

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